Air-conditioned locomotive breathable cushion M5002-1XL

Brand: Natural Wind
Model: M5002-1XL
Specifications: 70cmX37cmX12cm
Price: N/A
Min quantity: 500 piece
Quantity: 10000 piece
Deliver: In 60 days
Area: Taiwan Yunlin County
Expiry: Long-term
Edit time: 2024-02-23 09:04
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 Purpose: Let the motorcycle seat be insulated, and the hips will not be stuffy! Improve the motorcycle seat, away from heat, burning, scalding, and troubles! The natural wind blows into the buttocks to cool the riding motorcycle! advantage: 1. The latest locomotive breathable seat cushion, the best covering, the best fit for various styles and sizes of locomotive seats, the most stable and fixed, 2. Beautiful and generous, easy to install, tool-free disassembly and assembly fast, washing and quick drying! 3. Patented 3D honeycomb super-stressed weaving structure, shock-absorbing and heavy-duty, sedentary and not flattened, heat insulation, ventilation and ventilation are visible! 4. Anti-theft design (magic sticky), with high-quality straps on the inner circumference, the pad body can withstand long-term sunlight and will not be overheated and scalded, to the buttocks, high-quality, unchanged, non-aging, super durable! 5. Large, medium and small sizes can be customized., The most versatile and suitable 3D honeycomb insulation pad. 6. Because the hemming mesh cloth has a flexible material that stretches and retracts freely, the size of the motorcycle seat cushion has an adjustment range of ±7%-10%, which can fit a variety of seat bushings. A single size is suitable for multiple motorcycle brands And the biggest advantage of diversified use of styles. 7. The most suitable thermal insulation and breathable seat cushion for various brands of motorcycles and electric locomotives on the market. 8. Taiwan KYMCO Guangyang motorcycle brand. And foreign OEM OEM production, low-cost high-quality first choice products.   Taiwan invention patent   I298625              
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