Recumbent Linear Stepper- Recumbent Cross Trainer/rehab Exercise/recumbent stepper/rehab bike

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Perfect Solution for Total Knee Rehabilitation
Recumbent Linear Stepper can provide those who want  low-impact and full-body  workout.
Keeping you in a stable and stress free recumbent position on lower body joint to reach your workout goal. 


1. With very small ROM (range of motion)
2. very low starting intensity 
3. very friendly adjustable step length the innovative linear stepping motion is incredibly smooth and easy on your joints. 

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James Hsu, the International Business and Marketing Manager 

introduce Body Charger Recumbent Linear Stepper portant is ideal fitness equipment for Elder, Total Knee Rehabilitation and All-aged People! 



√ 2:1 arm to leg motion is a fairly good correspondence.

√ 180゜swivel seat is easier for the user to get in and out of the seat.

√  Orthopedic foot and heel support footpad reduce the risk of injury, and increase support to weak joints. 

Transition step platform makes it easy to put your feet in and out of the pedals.

Unique Workout Experience with Smart Console  
. Motivating
. Reflective
. Inspiration
"Brain Game" workout is an exclusive and theory-based regimen that enhances progressive to optimize the effort user put in. "Brain Game" program provides interactive and engaging software that motives users, especially for the senior people, to improve their motor skills to keep activity of daily living.
Two Console Options
Making the general user, senior, rehabilitation, or wheelchair exercisers stay engaged and on track to reach their fitness goals.

Swivel Seat Function 180°
Reclining Adjustment 3 Levles/ 12°
Seat Adjustment 14, Fully Horizontal Adjustment
Handle Bar Adjustment 13 Levels
Pedal Design Orthopedic Rehab Pedal with  Neoprene Supportive Heel Cup
Wheels for Easy Mobility
Wheelchair Accessible 
Energy Saving Mode
Certificated CE
Standard Console
Display Type 9" White Backlit LCD
Exercise Programs 20, Warm Up, Manual, Interval, Valley, Ramp, Mountain, Rolling, Climb, Random, Hill, Fat Burn, Cardio, Strength, HRC (65%, 85%), Constant Power, Isokinetic, Goal (Calories, Distance), Recovery, User 1
Display Feedback Time, Level, Pulse, Distance, Calories, RPM/ SPM, Watts, METs, Speed
Capacitance Touchable Keypad
USB Port Export Workout Data, Software Upgrade and Charging
Quick Start
Pause Function
Smart Console
Display Type  10.1" TFT IPS Touch Screen
Exercise Program 16, Quick Start, Hill, Interval, Goal (Time, Calories, Distance, Steps), Virtual Reality, HRC (60%, 80%, Target HR), Fitness Test, Custom, Isokinetic, Constant Power, Brain Games
Display Feedback Time, Level, Pulse, Distance, Calories, METs/Watt, RPM/Speed
Entertainment System
Bluetooth/ Wireless/ NFC
USB Port Export Workout Data, Software Upgrade and Charging
i-Care Function
Quick Start
Pause Function
Headphone Plug
RS232 Port
Resistance System
Operation System A. EMS System (Electromagnetic)
B. DX System (Generator)
Resistance Levels 36/ Smart Console
Resistance Levels 32/ Standard Console
Power Requirements Input: 100-240 VAC ~ 50/60Hz, 1.5A Max
Output: DC30V–2.0A
Tech Spec.
Max. User Weight 181 kg/ 400 lbs.
N.W. 95 kg/ 209 lbs.
G.W. 103 kg/ 227 lbs.
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) 160 x 80 x 116 cm/ 63" x 31.5" x 45.5"
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