Dirt Bike Tire for AJP Vehicle

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Expiry: Long-term
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PIVOTRAX is able to offer flexible and durable tire carcasses that adapt to the terrain.


- Application: Dirt Bike, Enduro, Endurocross.

- Compound: Soft / Medium

- Construction: 4 / 6 PR


- Apply to AJP Model:

PR7 Rally 600 PR3 Enduro 240 PR4 Enduro 240 PR4 Extreme 240 PR5 Enduro 250


- Dirt Bike Tires Size:

18 (inch) 140/80-18
21 (inch) 90/90-21


- Pattern

AP101_140-80-18B AP102_140-80-18B
AP101 140/80-18 AP102 140/80-18
AP101_90-90-21B AP102_90-90-21B
AP101 90/90-21 AP102 90/90-21


- Description:


  • Pattern design for intermediate to hard terrain
  • The shoulder knobs are designated to provide outstanding cornering traction.


  • Pattern design for wide range of terrain.
  • Flexible and durable tire carcass for terrain adaptation.
  • Optimal knobs ratio provide balance of handling and grip.
  • Providing good traction for various terrains.


- Other Dirt Bike Tire Size:

18 (inch) 110/100-18 120/90-18
19 (inch) 100/90-19 110/90-19
21 (inch) 80/100-21  


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