Heavy Duty Hose 3502149

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Disadvantages of the old flat water hoses currently on the market and problems that often occur after used :
1. When used, it can easily be scratched by sharp objects on the ground.
2. When the water hose collapses, the water cannot circulate smoothly in the tube.
3. Unable to withstand permanent high water pressure (ie200psi ) will burst.
4. Water hoses are not easy to air-dry after use and are prone to mildew and bacterial growth.
Hung-Ta has a group of outstanding and experienced and professional R&D teams, who aiming at the shortcomings of water hose for product improvement and innovation. After more than a year of research and testing, it finally succeeded in developing a new type of Powerful Flat Water Hose in 2015.
As below, please let us introduce in detail the structure, function and characteristics of this powerful water hose:
1.We use an impact-resistant PVC and other composite materials to make our inner tubes.
2.The outer tubes is made of high tenacity tadoron and weaves in one-piece completely seamless weave, therefore our powerful water pipes will no doubt withstand water pressure up to 600psi (40kgs).
3.The powerful water hose wear resistance is not easy to be pierced by sharp objects when dragged around the garden.
4.Water can still circulate when accidently folded.
5.Due to the water hose have heat and cold and UV resistance, so after the water hose are used they can not only automatically air-dry within 24 hours but they are also not breeding bacteria or moss.
6.The joint part of our powerful flat hoses are reinforced with ABS non-oxic plastic material.
7.The new powerful water pipe is not only lightweight (approx. 1kg) it is small volume and flat tube design occupying no space for easy to maintain tidiness and storage. The hose will not be rigid and awkward, it is easier and maneuvering for irrigation in the garden, car wash, bathing your pets.
8.We ensure with Hung-Ta’s powerful water hoses will make your gardening work easier and also no longer in trouble with admission of water pipes. Hung-Ta launched its powerful flat garden hose in 2015, it has received unanimous approval from consumers in the market. In addition to our market sales in   recent years, we have made tremendous achievement of our powerful flat garden hose. 
●Coupling: Plastic
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