MB10021-EVA Foam mat for Karate, Kaekwondo and other Martial Arts.

Brand: Cha Yau
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Deliver: In 30 days
Area: Taiwan Changhua County
Expiry: Long-term
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 ◎ Category:EVA Foam Mats
◎ Product Name:
Karate Mats
◎ Size:100cm X 100cm
◎ Thickness:20mm or 25mm
◎ Packing:5 pcs/bag
◎ Features:
Various colors are available, such as red, blue yellow, green, grey and black. 
The regular size is 100cm x 100cm, 20mm or 25mm thickness.
Double colors and reversible design are available.
◎ Usages:
Karate, Kaekwondo, yoga and Boxing.
◎ Introduction:
The cross (herring bones) texture is very ordinary texture for the Karate Mats.
We also could make Checker finish and Circle finish for Karate Mats.
The key features of our mats are as follows,
-Non-toxic and non-smell.
-Waterproof and non-slip
-Easy to assemble
-Flexible and soft
-Easy to clean and store
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