World Map EVA Foam Puzlle 252 Small pcs - PP 19701

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 ◎ Category:Educational Toys
◎ Product Name:
World Map Puzlle 252 Small pcs
◎ Size:197CM x 125CM
◎ Thickness:14mm
◎ Packing:252 pcs/box
◎ Features:
Detailed World Map - An educational toy for Geographic、Various shapes - An educational toy for Structure、High quality EVA foam Material - Soft, Flexible、Tightly Colorful printings、NON-TOXICITY, NON-SMELL、WATERPROOF, LIGHTWEIGHT、Largest Floor Puzzle
◎ Usages:
Family Entertainment、Kindergarten Teaching and Playing、School Education、Decoration and Collection
◎ Introduction:
World Map Puzzle is the largest EVA foam floor puzzle in the world, layered with different time zones (as grid reference). A detailed world map with flags of countries and famous things is outlined on each set of puzzles. It is an interesting and educational puzzle especially for children. And, both English version and Japanese version are available.
The key features of our products are as follows,
-Non-toxic and non-smell.
-Waterproof and non-slip
-Easy to assemble
-Flexible and soft
-Easy to clean and store
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