Gasoline Oil SAE 20W50 4L

Brand: Asuki
Model: SAE 20W50 4L
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Area: Taiwan Miaoli County
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Premium engine oil is formulated from highly refined base oil and premium grade of additives package to meet and exceed API SL/CF .
The very shear stable of macromolecule polymer derived provides a sustainable oil film for protection against viscosity and thermal breakdown.
The product consists of excellent detergency characteristic to maintain the cleanliness of engine right up to the next oil change 
The premium additive package provides a good resistance to oxidation, corrosion and wear for extending the engine life 
Standard Performance
Meet the performance level of API
SJ/CF , MIL-L-2104 B and . VW
500.00, 501.01, 505.00 ,ACEA
A3-98, B3-98, BMW Special Oil MB
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