QR Seat Post Clamp-SPC274

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Name: QR Seat post clamp
Size: 31.8mm,34.9mm,40mm.
Color: Black,Red,Gold,Blue,Ti,Silver,Pink.
Use:Quick release Road or MTB seat post clamp
Clamp material:CNC machined 7075 T6 heat treated Aluminium,Clamp band,and end nut.
Lever:CNC machined 7075 T6
Bolt:TiAL6V4 Titanium.
Size:31.8mm & 34.9mm &40mm
Weight:22.5grams/31.8mm & 23.8grams/34.9mm & 25.6grams/40mm
Mortop series of quick-release seat clamp is designed basd on human factor concepts, such as safe lock, quick remove, lower wind resistance, save labor, perfect comfort, and aesthetics appearance.
This quick-release seat clamp is disposed two spherical locking devices on two ends thereof respectively to micro-adjust the quick-release seat clamp, and the locking area is larger that that of conventional quick-release seat clamp to enhance locking capacity and position the seat clamp stably. In addition, no matter unlocking or locking the seat clamp, the quick-release grip has an unsharp and smooth outer surface so as to be rotated at 360 degrees, thus operating smoothly and comfortably.
Such an aerodynamic quick-release grip meets with mechanics theorem, is operated with save labor, and includes a spherical member fixed on a distal end thereof to prevent user’s fingers from slip during operation. When the quick-release grip contacts with the seat clamp along double tilted surface of the outer periphery of the seat clamp, the grip and the seat clamp engage with each other tightly to prevent from insecure during crash and to lower wind resistance efficiently.
The Mortop series of aerodynamic quick-release seat clamp is anodized on its aluminum alloy surface to obtain delicate and shining appearance. It is to be noted that this seat clamp provides the customers with various color options to satisfy personal and DIY trend nowadays
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