TriLite LS800 Series

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 BenQ Medical integrated past 20 years of experience and clinical needs to develop TriLite LS800. This new LED shadow less surgical light has new blade shape design inherited from the optical design of the traditional halogen light source, and five (or three) of the integrated light-emitting leaves, ultra-high color vision LEDs, and advanced appearance of the laminar flow design. Through the perspective of the user experience design, TriLite LS800 provides excellent clinical optical capabilities and advanced technology to meet the surgeons’ requirements.
This surgical light also helps the team work in a comfortable environment.
4300K ​​- pure light color and eye comfort
> 95 Ra ─ A higher color temperature can reduce eye fatigue and improve concentration during night operations.
Shadow-free illumination of the wound region with backlight obstacles.
Thanks to the compact innovative light head can make great maneuverability and effortless positioning.
※We reserve the right to make technical or design changes.
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