Pet Drinker 330C.C, Portable drinker, Pet feeder, Pet products
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Place of origin: Taiwan Taichung City
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2020-08-06 10:02
Area: Taiwan Taichung City
Pet Feeder 330C.C
Item No.: TWB-024
Dimensions: 330C.C
Material: PET bottle, PE cap, 304 Stainless steel tube
Color: Green, blue, pink

1. It is convenient for walking pets or taking a car. It can always offer clean water.
2. The outlet of water bottle is attached with a lock that can prevent water leak.
3. It can fit general water bottle (500ml, 1000ml).
4. The design of the cap is firm enough to prevent water leak.
5. Water flows out when the stopper is pulled down.
6. Water leak lock is functioned when the stopper is pushed back. 
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