Aquaculture Fish Cage / Fish Farm for Aquaculture

Brand: Magic-Float
model: FF-011
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Area: Taiwan Taichung City
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Project Name: Aquaculture Fish Cage / Fish Farm for Aquaculture 

Magic-Float modular floating system, the best quality modular floating system in this field, made by German HDPE material with robust patent interlocking design, provide longer lifespan, lower-to-none maintenance, more cost effective and eco-friendly product!

-Material & Design: use the best HDPE material from Germany with unique patent interlocking design, this helps to dissipate the loads and stresses through the cube body so that less stress is applied to the locking lugs that hold the floating structures together.

-Durability: resistant to UV rays, frost, seawater, corrosion, chemicals and oil.

-Safety: with patterns on the top surface, Magic-Float modular floating system is free from the dangers caused by slippery surfaces, splinters and rusty nails. No sharp corners and is stable to walk on.

-High Load Capacity: 360kg/ m2

-Economy: low maintenance, quick assembly & disassembly

-Changeability: can be installed according to requests

-Versatility: can be used widely in various fields, floating pier, drive on jetty, PWC dock, dragon boat dock, swimming pool, fish farm, work platform, floating platform for café, restaurant and coffee shops, movable platform, pontoon bridge, floating walkway, etc. 

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