Super 22-Strings
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Brand: TRUMP
model: Super 22
Specifications: 10m/card ; 200m/coil
Price: Negotiable
Min.Order: N/A
Supply Amount: N/A
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Place of origin: Taiwan Changhua County
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2020-03-19 16:59
Area: Taiwan Changhua County

Construction:Highly compressed multifila-ment core braided with a layer of microfiber wraps which are bonded together with a polyurethane resin.

Features: Super 22 is a multifilament string overbraided with strands of microfiber wraps and bonded with specially formulated polyure-thane resin which provides exceptional resiliency, responsive feel with increased power. The braided monofilament outer layer extends string life and gives the best control in play.

Application:Super 22 is designed for advance players looking for a powerful yet responsive string.

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