215mm Heavy Duty ByPass Pruning Shears 3102A
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Brand: Winland
model: 3102A
Price: Negotiable
Min.Order: 1200 Unit
Supply Amount: N/A
Delivery: Shipment within 45 days since the date of payment
Place of origin: Taiwan Changhua County
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2020-12-07 15:38
Area: Taiwan Changhua County
  • Upper Blade : High carbon steel blade,non-stick coated
  • Lower Blade: Middle carbon steel blade,non-stick coated
  • Handle: Aluminum handles, PP& soft rubber(TPR)grip
  • The Bypass action makes it ideal for cutting tough living plants professionally, cutting cleanly without crushing branches or tearing bark.
  • Specification
  • Size: 215mm(8 1/2")
  • Packing: Try me 6/48 2.3' 14.5/15.5kgs
  • Patented in
  • USA, Germany, UK, France, Canada, Australia, China, Taiwan
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