Manual Utility Extract And Discharge Pumps
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model: HD-818/18L
Price: Negotiable
Min.Order: N/A
Supply Amount: N/A
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Place of origin: Taiwan Taichung City
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2011-09-23 15:07
Area: Taiwan Taichung City
 excellent function 2 in 1

 As the related products on the market at   present, the manual extractor only ours has suck in and discharge function at the same time. It’s very simple and easy to operate. No AC/DC power required and everyone can operate it everywhere.At present the capacity 18L of manual is the only one in the market in Taiwan. 
The following are features of Utility extract & discharge pumps: 
    1. Tube holder in design to place tubes and easy to
    2. Large base with casters stabilizer.         
    3. Designed more lively in appearance and color.
        Conform to the requirement of costumer, market and
         environmental protection. 
    4. These series of product have stable quality, easy
        operation, fast changing, safe and professional. 
    5. Ideal for use on automobiles, trucks, marine craft,
        industrial machinery, lawn mowers, garden, ATV and
        motorbike, etc….
Also, you can see the vacuum pressure and the
value of pressure inside from the two-way “Pressure Gauge” clearly.
For safety concern, it’s designed to a closed function, if you store the pressure inside the container for a long time without using, it will released the spare pressure to the safely area automatically. 
It’s difficult to suck in or discharge the fluid during it becomes thicker. Use our lovely products of UTILITY EXTRACT & DISCHARGE PUMPS” you can just to rotation the “PUSH” button anticlockwise and pour it out from this outlet more easily and fast.
Our product can settle your big problem also, to save your precious time, get one of our products is your right and good choice.
The capacity is 4 Liters、6 Liters and 18 Liters.
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