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Donghen Precision is mainly engaged in parts processing related industries.Has professional experience in CNC computer turning and milling compound
machining, the machining accuracy ranges from 1mm to 50mm.
In the production process of various parts, we adopt rigorous processing and quality control operations.
From early part design, suggestion, CAD modeling, CAM programming, manufacturing and processing, we provide customers with products and
technologies with stable quality, high efficiency and good service. And do our best to provide customers with the best service.
Donghen Precision continuously strengthens the company's production equipment, aiming at technological innovation, improving processing precision,
increasing production efficiency, ensuring production quality and reasonable price.
The processing types include electronic precision parts, special screws, nuts, hardware parts, mechanical parts, automobile and motorcycle parts and
so on.
Processing materials are copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel.
The company's quality management system has also passed ISO9001 certification.
Customer-oriented business policy, enhance product competitiveness, ensure that products have a certain level and quality, with a view to sustainable
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