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Sofa comfortable breathable cushion

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 Tsunlinsin International Co., Ltd.
In 1988, Tsunxin Xingye Co., Ltd. was established; in response to the innovative research and development of the market, “Tsunlinsin International Co., Ltd.” was newly established in 2010 to innovate and develop products to supply new types of consumer demand!  
R&D product concept: three major goals of innovation and development, making people healthier, saving energy and protecting the environment, and protecting the earth, and do your best! 
It is suitable for children from babies to the elderly. It is breathable and comfortable to sit, lie down, and lie down. 3D three-dimensional breathable cushion product development, and simultaneously accept OEM.ODM
contract manufacturing, and promote high-quality products in domestic and foreign markets! 
Introduce products and services 
100% Made in Taiwan, MIT Smile Mark certified qualified production factory, consistent operations from professional process weaving, dyeing and finishing, setting, finished product inspection, laboratory testing, cutting, sewing, finished product inspection, packaging, warehousing, shipping, etc., Quality assurance, high CP value, durable, easy to wash and clean, so that consumers value for money! It is the company's goal to produce the highest quality and super functional. The company's research and development products have been certified by multinational patents, and have been tested and qualified by the Textile Research Institute. The product is in accordance with the Taiwan Green Product Catalogue of the Ministry of Economic Affairs: Qualified series products! 
3D three-dimensional honeycomb patented breathable pad: 100% polyester fiber material, the structure is super-stressed, does not sit flat, does not straddle, and does not sag when stepping, super functions: 1. Breathable heat insulation 2. Shock absorption and weight resistance 3. Antibacterial and mildew proof 4. Perspiration and deodorization 5. Washable and environmentally friendly 6. Reduce wet sweat spots and redness and skin diseases 7. Ergonomic 8. Warm in wnter and cool in summer, suitable for all seasons 9. Utra-durable for long-term use 10. Ultra-light easy for folding,storage, and carry.
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