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Company Size Registered Capital ~ thousand
[Taiwan/Miaoli County]
  • Pacific Hospital Supply Co., Ltd. 太平洋醫材股份有限公司
  • Business: Our product offering includes disposable medical devices of catheters, bags , drainage bottles, surgical suction instruments, closed wound drainage systems, related accessories and medical gas systems includes pipeline equipment, medical gas outlets, oxyg
  • (North America , Central and South America , Middle East , Southeast Asia , Northeast Asia , Europe )  [Not Verified]
[Taiwan/Miaoli County]
[Taiwan/Taoyuan City]
  • Shiang Shin Corporation 翔新貿易有限公司
  • Business: latex examination gloves, nitrile disposable glove, latex surgical gloves, ID wristbands, patient id bands, identification bracelets, vinyl wristbands, dental mouth mirrors, examination gloves, hospital gloves, medical gloves, disposable gloves, dental to
  • [Not Verified]
[Taiwan/Tainan City]
[Taiwan/New Taipei City]
[Taiwan/New Taipei City]
[Taiwan/Taipei City]
[Taiwan/Changhua County]
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