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Company Size Registered Capital ~ thousand
[Taiwan/Pingtung County]
[Taiwan/Yunlin County]
[Taiwan/Chiayi City]
[Taiwan/Chiayi City]
  • Gd Empire Co.,Ltd 鉅帝國際有限公司
  • Business: auto bagging machine, weighing packing machine, powder packing machine, food packing machine, vacuum packing machine, auto filling and sealing machine, bag filling and closing machine, laminated film, stand pouch, coffee pouch, vacuum bag,
  • [Not Verified]
[Taiwan/Changhua County]
  • Tian Chang Technology Co.,Ltd. 田倉技研有限公司
  • Business: Massage chair|spa chair|vibrating chair|small household appliances|massage bed|massage pillow
  • (North America , Central and South America , Middle East , Southeast Asia , Northeast Asia , Europe )  [Verified]
[Taiwan/Changhua County]
[Taiwan/Taichung City]
[Taiwan/Kaohsiung City]
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