EQUS Sterilization Pouch
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Place of origin: Taiwan New Taipei City
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Updated on: 2014-12-04 17:10
Area: Taiwan New Taipei City
EQUS sterilization pouch is suitable for steam and EO sterilizer. It isolates microorganism and enhance protection for medical instruments and equipment used in medical institutions especially in clinic and hospital operation room.
A various material of sterilization bags is provided for laboratory production packaging as well.
Product Feature:
ARJO WIGGINS Medical Dialysis Paper
  • The fiber of dialysis paper is highly intensified and its pore size is evenly distributed, which ensures a high permeability and low destructibility.
  • The bag can be peeled in both directions without paper scraps.
  • Quick drying speed of paper prevents the pouch from wrinkling.
Tightly-Sealing Technique
  • Hermetically-sealed paper film provides 100% barrier to prevent contamination from microorganism and bacteria.
  • Triple seal and heat process creates triple-impression-line; the design avoids the pouch from the risk of shattering or tearing.
Multi-Film Design
  • Plastic film with excellent shrinkage reinforces sealability and prevents the pouch from rupture.
  • Discoloration of chemical indicator provides instant confirmation on complete sterilization.
Standards and Directives:
  • ISO 13485:2003 Medical devices
  • FDA 510K Certification
  • CE 93/42/EEC
  • ISO 11607-1 Declaration of Conformity
  • EN868-5 Declaration of Conformity
  • ARJO WIGGINS Authorization Letter
Sterilization Reel Self-Sealing Pouch Heat Sealing Sterilization
Gusseted Reel
Width x Length Carton/
Width x Length Box/
Width x Height x Length Carton/
50mm x 200M (2") 12 57mm x 100mm 200 60 75mm x 25mm x 100M (3") 8
75mm x 200M (3") 8 70mm x 230mm 200 25 100mm x 50mm x 100M (4") 6
100mm x 200M (4") 6 90mm x 230mm 200 20 150mm x 50mm x 100M (6") 4
150mm x 200M (6") 4 135mm x 255mm 200 15 200mm x 55mm x 100M (8") 2
200mm x 200M (8") 2 190mm x 330mm 200 10 250mm x 60mm x 100M (10") 2
250mm x 200M (10") 2 250mm x 370mm 200 5 300mm x 65mm x 100M (12") 2
300mm x 200M (12") 2 300mm x 460mm 200 5 350mm x 70mm x 100M (14") 2
350mmx 200M (14") 2       400mm x 75mm x 100M (16") 2
400mm x 200M (16") 2          
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