LED curing light
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model: Qring-Lite D
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The LED for Professionals

Dr. Smile, who has been in practice for 30 years, has outfitted his office with advanced technology and claims these moves have made his practice safer, more efficient, and educational for his patients. Between of them is Qring-Lite S LED curing light.
                    "Qring-Lite S uses the latest technology LCD panel allows me      
                    to set program easily" said Dr. Smile. He took one looking on it
                    and replied "Look there's no fan! No noise and prevent
                    cross-contamination between patient and me"

Qring-Lite provides two models depends on your need: Qring-Lite D (wired) and Qring-Lite S (wireless)
The special high performance diode mechanism can polymerize an average of 3mm thickness of material within 10 seconds

•    The light intensity is between 400 and 1800 mW/cm2
•    It uses multi-fibered optic light guide
•    It's equipped with a special self-cooling system, which completely shuts off the hand piece control after consecutively running 11 curing cycles (10 seconds/per time) to prevent overheating
•    Three preset programs: Fast, Ramp and Pulse mode

•    Adjustable curing time allow you adjust according to your need
•    Sleeping mode: when the unit is no longer in using for 30 seconds, 1 minutes, 5 minutes or 8 minutes, the hand piece will turn into sleeping mode to save power

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