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Taiwan Japon Traffic Tech Co., Ltd.

The company was established in 1992 in cooperation with Tai-Chi Traffic Corporation and former Takuang Piston Ring Group (Japan TP Joint Venture Plant) in the technology, imp0rted the precision machinery and technique for professional production (Complete OEM assemblage). The power engine is installed with the excellent piston-ring, which is sold throughout the world.

Origin of Product Technology
The first ring is made of nickel-chrome tantalum alloy steel wire, and formed by high ductility pressure, high temperature treatment and tempering. The outer diameter electroplated with chrome is over 0.08m/m. the base of it is solid, and also has good elasticity, strong tension, heat resistance and durability, and cannot be eroded easily. It is applicable to the high-speed engine.

The second ring is made of nickel-chrome tantalum nodular graphite cast iron, and cast by cylindrical gravity through the use of high frequency arc furnace, that material is analyzed and controlled completely. And then it will become a marten site through the use of high temperature treatment, the spheroidizing rate will attain at 85%, it is annealed, and also has excellent heat resistance, durability, strong tension. It is applicable to the high-speed engine

Oilring is made of steel alloy, which is imp0rted from Japan. The oilring is made through the temperature treatment, the steel sheet electroplated with chrome is over 0.08m/m., and then make it round and fit. It is good for scraping oil. The oilring is durable, and its material cannot be eroded easily.
The motorcycle and automobile can be installed with these series of materials under condition. It can be used over 30,000 km for motorcycle, over 100,000 km for automobile.

Operation Idea
We are insistent that our operation idea is: "You should perform your duty, then every day is beautiful day." our quality policy in production procedure includes "Quality, Activity, Responsibility, Creation". All production procedure is in conformity with the standard of ISO9001. We are elected as an OEM car manufacturers. China: Jianshe, Lifan Honda, Loncin, Tajiang. Taiwan: Taiwan Vespa, Unilli Motor, Thunder Tiger, Teamworld Industries, Vemp, Juquan Automobile Fitting, Cheng Shing Pistion. Right Way Piston. Wiseco Piston (U.S.A.)

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