YAMAHA AEROX-155 / NVX dedicated rear drive set
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Lightweight sandblasting drilling clutch cover
1. The appearance of the clutch cover adopts CNC cutting throughout the whole process to minimize the tolerance of the body and improve the appearance and texture.
2. Teflon coating is used. Teflon coating is a unique high-performance coating with high heat resistance and can be used continuously in the environment above 260 °C. The maximum temperature is 290-300 °C.
3. The friction surface adopts the sandblasting drilling design to make the clutch run fast, quickly reach the 100% joint area, and use the drilling to discharge the dust to achieve the performance of no jitter and no slip.
Compound metal clutch
1. The friction plate is made of soft non-asbestos + copper powder.
2. The clutch maintains a strong friction coefficient and does not cause abnormal noise and excessive wear.
3. Small springs use 2.0MM wire diameter to increase the joint speed and achieve the best combination timing of light start and no jitter.

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