Motorcycle Batteries - Maintenance Free

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 Standard GY Type & High Performance GTX/GTZ Type
GT-Premium AGM Batteries
*our BEST Battery!
*Maintenance-Free Constriction that Never Needs Water
Using advanced generation Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology,
GT BATTERIES provide you the most advanced power and highest
quality with no hassle.
AGM separators completely absorb and trap the electrolyte. No
worry even when you engage in strenuous sports.
*Vibration Resistant for Durability
Makes GS battery the most rekiable battery in the market.
*Premium Cranking Performance
Advanced lead-calcium technology and low resistance AGM
separators provide advanced cranking performance even at a low
temperature or after long storage.
*The Lowest Self-Discharge Rates for Off-Season Storage.
Advanced lead-calcium technology keeps high cranking
performance even after long storage.
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