FunPlay Crystal - SLA 3D printer DIY-kit

Brand: 3D Dream Workshop
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Area: Taiwan Taoyuan County
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FunPlay Series – Crystal (DIY Kit)
SLA 3D Printer, DIY Kit, Acrylic Structure
3D Dream Workshop is a company specializing in the laser field. based in Taiwan, we have been devoting in optoelectronics industry for several years. In January 2015, we launched the business in SLA 3D printer field. In March 2015, 3D Dream Workshop have certified to utility model (No. M518349) for ALE (Adjustable Laser Energy) and AET (Adjustable Exposure Time).In 2016, after numerous testing, FunPlay Series is unveiled, which combines high quality and competitive price.
Adjustable laser energy & exposure time
3D Dream Workshop makes SLA 3D printers which can adapt to alter operating conditions, such as different temperature, humidity…etc. by adjusting laser energy.
Also, users are able to control the hardness of models through adjusting laser energy and exposure time.
Compatible with 3rd party materials
FunPlay Series are compatible with any resin from other manufacturers. All users have to do is to adjust laser energy and exposure time.
Meet Opal – create your own colors

Opal is the best solution for resin color. We enabled users to create any color by mixing Opal and #1 resin.
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FunPlay Crystal - SLA 3D printer DIY-kit