iRoller DIY Foam Roller
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Brand: Atunas
Price: Negotiable
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Place of origin: Taiwan Taipei City
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Updated on: 2020-06-15 12:04
Area: Taiwan Taipei City

iRoller, a yoga bar, is assembled with a plastic pipe and several eva foam rollers. Its rollers are devised as DIY units which can be recombined with personal preferred pressing style. iRoller is enjoyable with presenting various functions and colorful combinations, which overthrows the shortage of multifunction and multi-colored on traditional yoga bar. 

iRoller is designed on the base of users. Its “all in one” module emphasizes on being adjusted and recombined freely with different colors, roller shapes, hardness or softness, even the length and weight according to individual requirement. 

iRoller, meanwhile, is fulfilled with the eco-friendly concept and the environmental awareness. With regard to the traditional yoga bar, the whole piece would be entirely discarded and replaced even with merely bounce inelasticity or partial damages on some particular parts, while iRoller with only exchanging of specific louse parts can be renewed immediately. iRoller makes the best use of every component and reduces the waste.

2 ROLLER-組合技法介紹-2
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