Capsicum Plaster
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Place of origin: Taiwan Taoyuan County
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Updated on: 2014-12-05 15:28
Area: Taiwan Taoyuan County
Venice medicated capsicum plasters are manufactured from concentration of chili. Capsicum plaster is very effective in relieving rheumatism and arthralgia. 
The plaster has the effect of heat stimulation that improves the circulation of the blood and metabolism rate. Blood flow is increased in the area wher the plaster is applied. 
Venice medicated capsicum plaster is perforated to allow free passage of air and to improve adhesion to the skin.
Venice medicated capsicum plaster is used to OLD injuries such as rheumatism and arthralgia etc.
For New injuries, such as sport injuries, muscle pains, please use Menthol Plaster.
● Old  Injuries
● Extra Hot
● Air-permeable

Clean and dry the affected area of the skin. Remove the protective film. Cut the plaster into suitable size. Apply the plaster on the affected area.
Leave the capsicum plaster on the affect area from 6~8hours.

1. shall be placed out of the reach of the Department.
2. Avoid direct sunlight, should be stored in a cool place.
3. Unless pharmacist, pharmacy technician or physician instructions, children, pregnant and lactating women is not recommended to use themselves.
4. Do not exceed the recommended dose, if any side effects, you should seek medical treatment immediately discontinued.
5. Unless pharmacist, pharmacy technician or physician instructions, the agent is limited to topical skin may not be taken orally or used in the eye, nor applied around the eyes or mucous membranes.
6. After use consciously No improvement in condition or even worse, should be discontinued immediately and seek medical advice.
7. Unless pharmacist, pharmacy technician or physician instructions, the use of skin external use, do not cover, to avoid increasing side effects.
8. Apply the outer skin after treatment, wash your hands thoroughly before wearing contact lenses.
9. bathing one hour ago, the skin Jhihben goods thrown.
10. Do not directly affixed to the cuts, the highest quotient, eczema office. 
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