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 Model No.: BHC-101 Hot and cold type for home use (18℃~45℃) 

Suitable for the aged, apoplexy (stroke), disability, burn and scald patients, rehabilitation, dialysis, long-term bedridden patients, pregnant women, confinement in childbirth, infants, and any persons who are afraid of the cold and the heat.

 Long-term bedridden patients are proposed to use this model (BHC-101 hot and cold type)

Instruction manual of operating the host (main engine) 

 1. Place the mattress (LVC - 202 or LVC-201) on the bed or a spring bed, and then cover it with a bed cover.

2. Place the host (main engine) on a shelf which is higher than the bed, and then connect two quick joint connector made of silicon rubber to the hose (red - red) (white - white) and the mattress as well (if it is placed on a long sofa chair, a wooden bed or a tatami bed, a sheath can be added to the mattress; and by doing that, the effect will become better). 

3. If the installation is completed after checking, plug in the power; and at this time, the host (main engine) will go beep from which we know that there is no water therein.

4. Open the tank lid and add activated water with small molecules of alkalescence (RO water, distilled water or clean water can also be used) to stop the beep.

5. Turn on the host’s (main engine’s) power. After the mattress is fully filled with water, the beep will cease, and then stop adding water [the host (main engine) will be full if you repeatedly fill it with water 3 to 4 times]. 

6. The host (main engine) fully filled with water is 4.5 liters (when being heated, it is about 4.6 liters). 

7. When testing the machine, first turn on the function of detecting the warming up temperature. If the temperature has dropped down, it no longer needs to add the water. 

8. Operate the host (main engine) by turning on the power button and set the temperature warming-up key (Auto 33℃). According to the individual physique, it can be manually set for the range of 18℃~45℃.

9. When the sleeping button is pressed, the temperature will dro 1℃ in one hour, and then it will dro 2℃ in two hours accordingly. After sleeping, the body’s resistance becomes weak; and it should not make the mattress become too hot. 

Host (main engine) Model No.: BH-101
Mattress: Model No.: LVC-202 or LVC-201
Silicone tube  2 pieces
Remote control  1 piece
Mattress sheath 1 piece 

The host (main engine) can be used with sofa cushions, small mattresses, wheelchair cushions, drip bags, lumbar pad, arm pads, leg pads, and neck pad



Model No.

BHC-101 (hot and cold type)


110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz

Power consumption when heating

350W (MAX)

Power consumption when cooling

220W (MAX)

Host (main engine) weight


Host (main engine) dimensions

37cm (L) X 30cm (W) X 28cm (H)

Temperature setting range


Mattress dimensions (LVC-202)

165cm (L) X 65cm (W) X 1cm (H)

TPU material: Anti-mite and anti-bacterial mattress 
Use at ease without any electromagnetic waves and electric leakages.
Device for safety: When the host (main engine) dumps or has water shortage therein, it will automatically shut down. 
Prevention from burn and scald: When the temperature reaches to 45℃ (113℉), the heating function will automatically stop. 
Functions: Getting warm in the winter, health care at home, promoting blood circulation, improving metabolism, and relieving muscle soreness.

  1. When it is used for the disabled by setting the temperature range of 35℃~ 45℃,  there should have caregivers by the side of the sick to take care of them.
  2. A power-off device built-in. When water shortage and the dumping of the host (main machine) occur, it will automatically cut off the power supply. After that, reboot it accordingly.
  3. LVC-202 bed is resistant to high and low temperature and has anti-mite anti-bacterial functions; and the eco-friendly TPU mattress is also a heat sink. It will have a better effect if bed cover or sheath is used.
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