ViscAid® Ophthalmic Viscoelastic
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ViscAid® is a sterile, non-pyrogenic, ophthalmic viscosurgical device prepared from non-inflammatory, high molecular weight fraction of sodium hyaluronate. ViscAid® is indicated for use as a surgical aid in ophthalmic anterior and posterior segment surgeries including intra-/extra- cataract extraction with or without implantation of an intraocular lens (IOL), intraocular lens implantation, keratoplasty / corneal transplantation surgery, glaucoma filtering surgery, and surgical procedures to reattach retina.
Protects corneal endothelial cells and surrounding tissues from possible damage during ophthalmic surgeries
Can be used as a vitreum replacement after vitrectomy and retinal detachment surgery
Non-pyrogenic, non-inflammatory
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