17 inch forged aluminum wheel

Price: 1988.00 USD/Unit
Min quantity: 10 Unit
Deliver: In 15 days
Area: Taiwan New Taipei City
Expiry: Long-term
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Wukawa Industry CO., Ltd.'s Forged Aluminum Alloy motorcycle wheel, Forging manufacturing methods is " A large piece of metal heated to soften slightly, then a few hundred tons of force to beat, extruded the piece of metal, forced the piece of metal to form their desired shape. Frankly speaking "It is striking while the iron".
Forged wheels with high-density, soft wheel body, as the aluminum forged wheels with superior safety performance, good enough to match motorcycle consumer market. Features as follows:
1) High precision, without size limitations, engineers can play a thoroughly professional.
2) Toughness material, acceleration & deceleration, more agile response on turning, improve handling and road resistance.
3) Cooling effect & ventilation can help to improve tire life, reduce the risk of tire failure, increasing life expectancy, but also improve the life of brake pads also reduce the risk of brake failure.
4) Light weight, increase horsepower, for the owners of heavy motorcycle wheels also need to use lighter light-alloy wheels in exchange for horsepower, increase the pleasure of instant acceleration and control sensitivity.
5) Roundness similarity and uniformity of the material, affect the dynamic balance, static balance and better performance.
6)Safety performance test on light-alloy wheels is more strict than the steel rims due to it is brittle, it must be an additional impact through rigorous testing, bending fatigue testing, radial fatigue test........etc, light-alloy wheels must withstand a greater load than the steel rims,
proceed same life time test with the steel rims. So a light-alloy wheel passed safe performance test should be sufficient for the normal consumer use.
7) Multiple modeling for appearance, forging billet can do the design according to customer preferences, changes in appearance.

8) Reduce costs, aluminum is lower than steel on recycling cost, highly efficient re-use, better comply with green environmental protection. Requirements

Since the alloy wheels to save weight, enhance handling, road resistance and other potential factors, based on appearance, weight and environmental requirements and other special considerations are decided on the risk assessment and change to make by forged aluminum wheels. For innovation and sustainable management, Wukawa Industry Co., Ltd. favored by international companies in the international motorcycle exhibition, this is really the light of Taiwan, For Wukawa Industry Co., Ltd. is stating to enter the international market, worth expectation & development and more meaningful indicators of our business operation.

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