PE Foam Tube and Rod
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 1. PE foam (AEPE/EPE) is made with cross-linked structure.
Without tunnel between air holes, it belongs to
particular air hole structure. PE foam is light,
buoyant, and also with characteristics of isolation,
heat insulation, quake resistance, etc.
2. PE foam products have many advantages, including
easy combination with other products, convenient usage,
color changeable, easy modeling, low water absorption,
good buoyancy and resilience, unlikely to becorroded,
smell-less, harmless to skin, pollutionless and
3. PE foam (AEPE/EPE) may be produced to meet specific
requests of high-elasticity, high-tensility, high-
density and wear-resistance and is a good material to
replace others.
4. Material Application:
. Sporting & Leisure
. Construction
. Thermal insulation
. Packing
5. Specification:
. Tube: O.D. 6 ~ 150mm; I.D. 3 ~ 120mm
. Rod: O.D. 5 ~ 135mm
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