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model: ME-9268 La Detecta PriMasse
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Duo Roll in Calf massager
Integration of air bags, 2 kneading discs and rollers, the calf massager has three modes: compressing, kneading and rolling. The versatile massage can lower tension and refresh your tired lower leg.
Gentle and effective air pressure traction will melt away the fatigue especially after a hard works or fierce exercise.
2 kneading Discs simulate the technique of kneading to compress the muscle to relieve the  tension and refresh your leg.
When rollers rotates forward /backward, tired muscle can be vertically stretched and the tension will be released quickly. 
6 massage Modes
The movements and floating of the unique soften rollers produce 6 different massage modes, Shiatsu, kneading, tapping and dual action, inverse dual action and inverse kneading. Shiatsu, kneading, tapping are the techniques a professional massager uses in their massage. Dual action, inversing kneading and inverse dual action are the techniques that beyond humane hand and offer you brand new experience. A combination of these techniques can warm up the muscles, increase circulation and revitalize those sore muscles.
Repetitive movement like playing on-line games will cause the muscle stiff and feel pain. Shiatsu, vertical stretching, is considered one of the effective ways to refresh the muscles.
The horizontal stretching not only soothe the fatigue from your back but also increase the   blodd circulation. 
The traditional technique performs a deep muscle massage to relieve the tension of shoulder and lumbar.
Dual action
A combination of tapping and kneading massage, beyond-humane-possibility technique, takes you to a visit of brand new and impressive relaxation.
Inverse kneading:
Kneading inversely help relieve muscle tension more effectively
Inverse Dual action
Making dual action moving inversely presents you a totally different feeling.
There are almost 350 acu-points covering our entire body and on the area of back and neck has 100 acu-points. Massaging the acu-point will relieve the pain and enhance the circulation. A combination of not only roller massage, air pressure, lumbar heater and vibration, also the adjustable roller width to meet the user’s shape, ME-9268 offer you the total relaxation and revitalization of your upper body.
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