Basketball Nets 
Yong Yi International Enterprise Ltd.   [Not Verified]
Business:  Manufacturer
Main products:  Sports Balls / Nets & Accessories/Basketball stand / frame / goal/Basketball/Basketball net
place of origin:  Taiwan/Taichung City
Lins Corp. 林氏實業有限公司   [Verified]
Business:  Manufacturer
Main products:  Golf Practice Net
place of origin:  Taiwan/Taipei City
Join Ten Band Maker Ind. Co., Ltd. 吉田製帶工業有限公司   [Verified]
Business:  Manufacturer
Main products:  Auto Accessories|Auto Parts| Tie Down| Luggage Net| Elastic Straps| Tow Ropes|Tool Bags| Belts| Tow Rope| Rathet Tiedown| Stretch cord| Truck net| Cargo Net| Hammock| Camping Accessories| Sports Nets|Nets| Straps| Buckle
place of origin:  Taiwan/Changhua County
Export Market:  North America , Central and South America , Middle East , Southeast Asia , Northeast Asia , Europe   

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