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  • Company: PROMAX Components / LeeChi Ent. Co., Ltd. 利奇機械工業股份有限公司
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  • Updated: 2020-06-09
Brand Introduction


What you will find on the pages of this website is the most progressive and innovative line of BMX, mountain and road bike components in the history of Promax. The new product line also is the first designed entirely in the United States, by people passionate about cycling.

Initially begun as a manufacturer and supplier of quality, value-oriented road, mountain and BMX components, Promax has been around since the late-1980s. Over the past decade or so, unfortunately, the product line suffered from benign neglect and it didn’t evolve as much as it need to.

That era is now over. Finished. Done. Kaput.


What you will see here and in the future from Promax will be well-thought out bicycle components engineered and designed to address the specific needs of today’s cyclists, be they roadies, mountain bikers, commuters or BMXers.


Promax’s greatest strength is that it is one of the world’s leading original equipment component manufacturers. The company is a leader in cold forging, specializing in brakes, hubs, seatposts, handlebars and stems. It also has one of the most advanced rim and CNC-machining facilities in the world.

Combine Promax’s world-class manufacturing ability with the design prowess and market knowledge of the Anaheim, California-based design and marketing group Cycle Group Inc. (CGI), and you have a powerful package that is sure to result in great things to come.

Led by BMX and downhill mountain bike racing legend and pioneering component and accessories designer Toby Henderson, CGI is in charge of all Promax product design, aftermarket sales, marketing and brand building. CGI and its staff of avid cyclists and racers provide Promax with a direct link to cycling and the bike community that it has never had before.


In just nine short months, CGI and Promax have combined to design and develop more than 35 brand new products, including beautifully sculpted mountain bike, road and BMX stems; innovative BMX and mountain bike brakes and the new V-Point Click brake lever, which elegantly allows the user to use one lever on either the right or left side and also includes an integrated lock-on grip mount.

New to Promax are several product categories never before offered under the brand name. These include headsets, bottom brackets and cranksets.

Moving forward, Promax and CGI plan to further capitalize on their strengths. We are already working on the next generation of Promax components and the list of exciting new products includes those for mountain biking, cyclocross and road.


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