• Franchise
  • Company: MBJ Sport / Shang Chiao Co., Ltd. 上蕎股份有限公司
  • Website: https://shangchiao.imb2b.com/
  • Area: TaiwanChanghua County
  • Updated: 2020-06-09
Brand Introduction
 There are Three Core Values of MBJ.
Practicality, Health, and Fashion
MBJ use advance gradually compression to pressure applied on the limbs to promote the blood circulation.
Promoted blood circulation will remove your muscular stiffness, accelerate the removal of metabolic waste to reduce fatigue body. Therefore, the compression also can decrease muscle damage from muscular vibrations because it limits the muscular vibrations to prevent the muscle fatigue. Moreover, Comfortable and appropriate pressure assist leg force and Increase movement.
When people long standing or sedentary, the peripheral circulatory is getting worse because of gravity.
However MBJ progressive pressure technology improve the blood circulation to prevent varicosity, thrombus, and edema.
MBJ has a top fashion designer team which is include different countries designers, they always lead the fashion trends.

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