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  • Company: Kuen Tong Industrial Co. Ltd. 昆桐科技股份有限公司
  • Website: http://kuentong.imb2b.com/
  • Area: TaiwanChanghua County
  • Updated: 2020-11-18
Brand Introduction
Kuen Tong Technology was established in 1992 and undertook metal working process as the main business items in the starting period, and then began to engage in the sale of metal raw materials, cutting and integration of the forging process because of the growth and expansion of business projects, and obtained the certification of domestic electronic system company, laptop company and well-known manufacturers of game console.

In 2000, Kuen Tong develop new customers through accumulated experience and reconfigure production mode, learned the market demand directly, and branched out into bicycle industry from the original electronics industry has become a member of global supply chain of bicycle parts. Also, ISO9001 system implementation in 2004, actively involved in the transformation of systems and processes, and established the precision measuring center in 2005 to ensure the products can meet the requirements for product specifications. Kuen Tong became the strategic partner of SRAM in 2012 through years of experience

Kuen Tong implement TS 16949 quality management system in 2014 for the company's production capacity and enhance sustainable development to expand the automotive market actively. Enhance the system through the import and operating performance, and Kuen Tong obtained the qualifications of supplier from electric automotive successfully in 2014. The main product line is system components for automotive and motorcycle, high-quality bicycle system components, 3C products, medical equipment and wearable devices.

Kuen Tong become a strategy supplier for global brand and continued to grow at a steady pace, move forward to become a key components the best integration group for mobile carrier in Asia supply chain,.

1992 ShengChang Industry - founded by Jeff Lin
1997 Changed to Kuen Tong industrial Co., Ltd.
2003 Capacity expansion - Milling machines reached 50 sets
2004 ISO-9001(2000) implementation
2005 Set up Measuring Center
2009 SPC system implementation
2012 SRAM accredited strategic partner
2013 KT launched new plant
2014 TS 16949 implementation
2014 TESLA accredited Tier 1 Supplier
2015 Global partnership development


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