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  • Company: Pao Ching Garden Tools Co.,Ltd. 寶慶園藝工具股份有限公司
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  • Area: TaiwanTaichung City
  • Updated: 2016-11-08
Brand Introduction
Pao Ching is the major manufacturer specializing in high quality shovel products and professional service in Taichung, Taiwan since 1989.
UNITY, FACTUALITY and INNOVATION are our corporate culture.
Currently, our major markets are in the USA, Europe, Japan and Australia.
We not only develop innovative designed products by our R&D team, but also provide customers with OEM and ODM services.
Our logo is based on the concept of coexistence of human and natural environment with sustainable mutualism.
Hence, our perpetual promise is to provide people a comfortable living environment by Greening.

Concept of Management (long-term partners)
• Suppliers: We have selected suppliers and integrated relationship in the Supply Chain Management (SCM) to ensure our product quality meeting the highest standard in the industry.

• Workers: Most of our staffs have been working in Pao Ching since its establishment. This allows horizontal communication management and greater depth quality control in assembling and packaging process.

QUALITY! Our strategy is to win with quality. Quality is the symbol of the product brand, as we always emphasize to our long-term partners.
We serve customer’s expectations and beyond—we fulfill what our customers think of, we achieve what our customers haven’t thought of.

Future Plan
Our future goal is production internationalization and service globalization. We continue to develop related garden products to satisfy your needs in one place-Pao Ching. 

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