Gasoline Engine Oil 4T Motor SM/CF 10W60 Racing Oil
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Place of origin: Taiwan Taoyuan County
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Updated on: 2017-11-22 16:33
Area: Taiwan Taoyuan County

Specification:Oil Knight 10W60


▲NESTE OIL+PAO+ Adopt Finland base oil and high performance anti-wear protect enhanced additives.

▲ Provides high-speed operation of the mechanical strengthening of the anti-wear performance, can effectively reduce the engine parts high-pressure operation of the injury, keep the engine running smoothly.

Compliance with international certification level specification API-SM


►In order to maintain competitive oil excellent control,the original laboratory-level deployment testing,combined with HuangQin parts of the development of Dyna Pro Dynamometer R & D cooperation.

Oil Knight infinite level, 5W50, 10W60, 10W40, 20W50,15W40 are in line with international SM norms, the whole series are used well-known Finland Neste manufacturers base oil, Lubrizol adding high-performance special factor additives, strong synergistic lubrication Oil, add PAO and esters, high viscosity index allows you to ride in the wind, the challenge of high-temperature lubricants, high pressure, high-speed limit.


- Jiacyuan can also be customized production of different designation and package, for any motorcycle and car engine oil/industrial oil, including heavy car ,example : truck/vans/buses or suitable to any specifications. 

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