Pressure Relieving Mattresses PL-9000
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Updated on: 2011-03-29 11:59
Area: Taiwan Taipei City
Economic Multi-tubes Pressure Relieving System


True A/B Alternation
Cells within the mattress alternate (inflate/deflate) over a set time period; this assists blood flow and relieves pressure from under the body. This type of alternation has been proven to assist in the healing process of pressure sores and also to prevent the onset of pressure sores.

Safe Non Turning Design
Straps located on base of mattress secure the overlay to the mattress, No need for mattress turning.

CPR Valve
Easy and straightforward CPR deflation, air evacuates quickly to perform CPR. The PL-9000 Economic Multi-Pressure Relieving System has an easy to use CPR switch located on the side panel. A simple lifting of the switch will deflate the mattress

Durable Pump
The PL-9000 Economic Multi-Pressure Relieving System comes complete with a durable and easy to use pump that will cope with clients weighing up to 200 KGs / 25 Stones.

Preventing Pressure Sore
The PL-9000 Economic Multi-Pressure Relieving System is suitable for early sign of pressure sore formation, Grade 1 & Grade 2.
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