Sports Safety HC-L6C-waist belt
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Brand: Hucon
Model: HC-L6C
Price: 13.00 USD/pcs
Min.Order: 500 pcs
Supply Amount: 1000 pcs
Delivery: Shipment within 45 days since the date of payment
Place of origin: Taiwan Changhua County
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2016-09-20 15:06
Area: Taiwan Changhua County
Asia M(90cm)/L(105cm)/XL(120cm)
EU S(90cm)/M(105cm)/L(120cm)/XL(135cm)
Color: Black


Function: High quality panted elastic loop as a felt sticky, it is good to take off and stick .
Doesn't get hairballs easily. Good air permeability and good covering can increase back muscle binding force and support force.
Purpose: Can be used in the waist. Such as waist ache by, prolonged sitting or standing by , moving heavy objects workers and so on. It is breathable! For the summer season wear.

Charcoal yarn: 20%
Cotton    : 30%
Nylon    : 25%
Elastic fiber : 25%

Patented design with special material loop,need to pressurize adhesive will stick tight ! Reminder: This product is unsterilized, pre-skin contact is recommended to clean, can be installed laundry net and then thrown into the washing machine. After wear if discomfort, please immediately stop and seek medical advice.
HuCon products proposal must use two hours to relax after a break of 30 minutes or more before tightening again!"
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