GingivAid® Collagen Dental Graft
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GingivAid® is a synthetic collagen bone graft substitute intended to be used in dental implant surgery; GingivAid® Collagen Dental Graft is composed of highly purified type I collagen and hydroxyapatite / β-tricalcium phosphate biphasic ceramic. GingivAid® Collagen Dental Graft is implanted in low-invasive surgery to provide an osteoconductive scaffold for new bone formation, and the interconnecting network provides continuous pathways for bone growth. GingivAid® Collagen Dental Graft is intended to be used in dental implant surgeries, including sinus lift and alveolar ridge augmentation.
Proven safe
Convenient to manipulate during surgery
Eliminates the need for second site surgery
Avoids potential transmission of disease from allograft
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