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model: CP80
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Updated on: 2012-03-29 11:36
Area: Taiwan Taoyuan County
The innovations of CP series power electronics unit (PEU) are specifically designed for electric propulsion vehicles, using high efficient IGBT gate for high power endurance and density. Its robust architecture is suitable for various types of electric vehicle e-Drive system integration. 
The PEU (inverter) configures motor speed and torque after receiving comments fromVCU (vehicle control unit) via CAN-bus communication. The PEU converts battery pack DC power source to AC power supply to drive EV motor. CP Series also has efficient cooling system to enable its high power density design. CP Series is designed with DSP-based control, water-proof, and anti-seismic. The optional designed-in conductor also provides protection by de-rating PEU power output due to over current, over voltage or over temperature situation. 
CP series provides maximum performance, efficiency, endurance and reliability for electric propulsion application, making vehicle drive more accountable. 
CP Series PEU, with delivering power ranging from 50 kW (67hp) to 180kW (241hp), is applicable for various types of electric vehicle (BEV/ HEV/PHEV) including mini-car, sedan, SUV, van to mini-bus. CP Series can drive 3-phase AC induction motor (IM) or permanent magnet (PM) motor. To dissipate the heat, CP Series PEU can also come with either liquid cooling system or air cooling system, depends on the drivetrain system integration. 
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