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  • Company: HUANGS Smart Cycling INC. 司馬鐵國際有限公司
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  • Area: TaiwanTaichung City
  • Updated: 2016-11-04
Brand Introduction

CICLOVATION™, a new brand from Huangs Smart Cycling, Inc., is dedicated to offering one-stop solution with premium, high performance bike products, competitively priced, along with comprehensive services.

CICLOVATION™ – pronounced like chi-klo-va-shion – defines cycling innovation, constant innovation. 
C stands for constant extension and V stands for the value to innovate. With C and V infinitely united, these regular triangles, like boomerangs, precisely maximize the hover-time through the air and correctly return to their starting point as our team makes things right. 
Our brand color, orange, represents the sun, fertilizing and encouraging our ideas to flourish while we constantly make new, representing the best.


These are the uncompromising details that add enjoyment and performance to every ride. Not only do we care about the rider, we also are looking for the best way to improve and develop tools and products for repair and maintenance, and for the workshop. We are always ready for continuing innovation and design, working to satisfy the highest demands that define premium products.

CICLOVATION™ first collection includes: CABLE (inner wires and outer casings, cable sets and accessories), PAD (rim brake shoes and disc brake pads), and CLEANSER (Neutral detergent for performance sportswear). Moving forward, we aggressively create more components and accessories for dealers and riders who live and breathe bicycles. Beginning with Asia, CICLOVATION™ keenly explores new territories to US and Europe.

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